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Old CRM 6.0 SDK (2014.12.31)

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Released: Dec 31, 2014
Updated: Jan 24, 2015 by hulk2484
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Application Executable with XrmToolbox
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Application Dlls for use with XrmToolBox
application, 2578K, uploaded Dec 31, 2014 - 136 downloads

Release Notes

Please post any bugs / features requests.

If you're looking for a stand alone exe, download the "Executable with XrmToolbox" link. The recommended option although, is to get the latest version of XrmToolBox and extract the "Dlls for use with XrmToolBox" link into the same folder.

Release 2014.12.31
  • Added new AnonymousType Constructor Option. This makes using Linq Queries much easier
  • Changed DebuggerStepThrough to be DebuggerNonUserCode, and applied it on every property/method, rather than at the class level. This allows partial Entity Classes to have debuggable methods
  • Added logic to merge any default values of the config file, into the existing config file. This removes the need to include the config file in the release, and allows updated config settings to not get lost with an update of the plugin.
  • Updated Help Text to display longer than just when the Mouse Pointer is on the screen. This allows for copying URLs.

Release 2014.12.13
  • Fixed a bug where if an OptionSet was named exactly like an Entity, but with different casing, the type of the enum on the Entity Enum property, was appending an "Enum" incorrectly to the type.

Release 2014.9.15
  • Added additional error handling for reading from the config file. It the config file was hand edited and a mistake was made, there was no error details.
  • "OpenFileDialog.cs" was automatically populating the Open File Dialog command. This made attempting to select a folder confusing since it was being populated.

Release 2014.9.5
  • Added Feature Request Issue 1623 to Generate Actions
  • UI rework so options related to each specific generation type (Entities, OptionSets, Actions) are clearly associated with each type.
  • Added ability to split OptionSets into multiple files.
  • When creating multiple files, removed the command line from all but one file. This helps prevent unnecessary changes which make trying to determine what has changed as compared to the latest in version control, easier.

Release 2014.7.5
  • Fixed Issue 1563, where the namespace was not being included when creating a file per entity.

Release 2014.6.18
  • Added Logic to handle Enums with duplicate names and potentially duplicate values. Duplicate Names results in C# compile errors. Duplicate Names and Values are not included
  • Removed default config settings that skipped Out of the Box CRM optionSets that were previously causing compile errors.
  • Relaxed Valid C# enum naming to include underscores if need be.
  • Upgraded XrmToolBox References to 2014.5.28

Reviews for this release

Gets job done very well! No way I will be using CrmSvcUtil.exe anymore.
by AlexSorokoletov on Aug 26, 2014 at 6:28 PM
Thanks Alex for the review! Glad you've found it as useful as I hoped it would be!
Reply by hulk2484 (N/A) on Aug 26, 2014 at 10:26 PM